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BYOP develops leaders and organizers for social change by training youth on different issues that they need to be informed on and comfortable with in order to become responsible and aware human beings.
Citywide Meetings: Thursdays 5-7pm 
Every week, BYOP holds meetings in the office to train the members and equip them with information they need to lead their school chapters and citywide campaigns. The meetings are planned and led by members of the youth council, and are a great way for our members to complete community service hours and become youth leaders and organizers in their communities.

Citywide meetings are open to any Boston-area youth ages 12 to 18 [or high school graduation, if you are older than 18 but still in school] and are a good opportunity for at-large and chapter members to get to know each other, build solidarity, and strengthen our member base.
Citywide Meetings are held every Thursday from 5-7pm on the 3rd floor of the BYOP office building, at 565 Boylston St. in the center of Copley Sq. Please note that Citywide meetings only run on days when the Boston Public Schools are in session.

Summer Training Institute 
The Summer Training Institute, or STI, was launched in the summer of 2001, and has become an annual tradition within BYOP. For two weeks at the end of every August, BYOP members and new youth interested in joining BYOP gather to complete a 10-day intensive training program, led and designed by the YOT. Trainings in the past have included topics such as power and oppression, creative expression, leading and completing a campaign, youth leadership, youth-led organizing, and conflict resolution. STI includes trips throughout Boston applying STI skills with visits with state representatives, outreach and recruitment practice, and more. The last day of STI is a “Fun Day” when the whole group travels to Canobie Lake Park, Six Flags, or another similar park, and STI members receive their certificate of completion and are celebrated for their achievement & power!

For more information and to sign up for the STI, please call the BYOP Office (617-262-1895). STI is open to all members and Boston-area youth ages 12 to 18 who want to be involved in BYOP during the upcoming school year.

Overnight Retreats 
Every year, BYOP sponsors weekend retreats in the Fall and Spring. Members receive trainings and campaign skill sets, contribute to campaign strategies, and build a strong, meaningful relationship as a group. Full of fun activities like ropes course and other team building games, a campfire, and lots of bonding between chapters, these retreats are always a BYOP member favorite!

Retreats are held in the Fall and Spring of each school year and are open to members and other qualified youth leaders. For more information about the next retreat, call the BYOP Office at (617) 262-1985



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