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press clippings
press clippings
Here are different articles written in local, state and national publications about BYOP's work. Enjoy!
BYOP & Violence on public transportation
The most recent article (Dec 9, 2002), in which the interim MBTA Police Chief commits to the safety improvements BYOP youth have been pressing for.

These Bathrooms Stink
This Cambridge Chronicle article by Chris Helms describes the CRLS School-wide meeting and the 2006 campaign.

BYOP Proposes the Youth Pass!
Youth Way on the MBTA is BYOP's current campaign to fight for a Youth Pass and Bus Increases. Youth Way Action Week, June 2nd-5th, brought our proposals to many new young people in the Boston-area and the MBTA. The Metro covered our June 4th Action!

Teen Voting Heads to Statehouse
One of the many articles on the Lowering the Voting Age Campaign.



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